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First you need to know that it is about ADZcoin and ADZbuzzer because that's the base and future of the internet for sure.

ADZcoin - A Decentralized Replacement For Online Advertising - ecurrency.

ADZcoin has the potential to become to Google, Facebook and other ad agencies what Bitcoin has become to (central) banks! The goal of ADZcoin is to become a replacement for online advertising, through the power of social media.


We Have a Solution For Website Owners!

ADZcoin Monetization!

Here's how it will works:

-> ADZbuzz is a social network that allows users to earn free ADZcoins

-> Website creators add some code (ADZlink) to their site to detect visitors and enable ADZcoin monetization

-> If the visitor likes the content, he can choose to turn on ADZ monetization by clicking one button to support the website he loves!

ADZbuzz is in the center of the ADZcoin project. The ADZbuzz platform allow people to share interesting content, socialize, promote and make contacts just like on any other social media platform.

Here are some of the ways the earnings are paid out to Adzbuzz members:

1. For being active at Adzbuzz!

2. Between all Adzbuzzer Upgrades

3. 10 in Referral commissions (If you refer new members, you earn 10% of their earnings!)

4. For Adzbuzzer Sharing App users - This is just like the Facebook Sharing button you can add to your website (a youtube/forum Link will be another option). But in addition you will be paid regularly just for adding the button, and for every share your Visitors perform! It's a great method to monetize your content! (This will also ensure a rapid grows, as 1000s.of websites will add the Adzbuzz Icon and Sharing button, and it will solve the adblock problem webmaster face these days, as it offers another source of income)

5. To Adzbuzz VIP Members - Adzbuzz VIP members will earn an additional daily share from the company earnings, paid daily to their balance for a lifetime!

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The additional profits are paid by the following income sources:

• ADZ Payment Processor

• ADZbuzz Marketplace (Still in beta)

• ADZbuzz Web Wallet

• ADZbuzz VIP offer

• Lifelong ADZbuzz Traffic Offer

• ADZbuzz Ad Server (Still in development)

• Notification Bar Ad Packages (Still in development)

• ADZbuzz Forum VIP Offer (Still in development)

• Solo Ad Mailings (Still in development)

• Group / Page Suggestion Ads (Still in development)

• ADZbuzzer Social Share Feature (Still in development)

• ADZbuzz YouTube/forum API (Still in development)

Important points :

Your ADZcoin will not be touched to pay other members!

You can access your ADZcoin whenever you like!

More benefits as upgraded member:

-Find friends and promote your business opportunity on Adzbuzz!

-Add the Adzbuzzer Sharing api to your website or blog to get paid daily and for every share your visitors perform!(No upgrade needed!)

-Earn 10% referral commissions for every purchase and action your referral fulfills!(No upgrade needed!)

-Much more coming soon, all information and tutorials are available, we have very helpful community to help you any time you need.

-All referrals are tied to your account for life and you earn 10% on purchases and every repurchase of your referrals for life!

The ADZbuzz referral program will without a doubt be the most lucrative affiliate program you'll ever promote!

Will ADZcoin Create Millionaires?”

This may seem like an impossible dream at the moment with ADZcoin still valued at just pennies or cents, but what I’m about to tell you, will show you exactly why ADZcoin will rise to $1, $5, $10 and yes even $100’s in value per coin.

The reasoning behind it is simple yet logical and nobody will be able to proclaim that what I’m claiming is untrue.

2 simple variables, one logical truth, period.

What am I talking about?

The age-old law of supply and demand!

“The law of supply and demand is one of the most basic principles in economics. In simplest terms, the law of supply and demand states that when an item is scarce, but many people want it, the price of that item will rise. Conversely, if there is a larger supply of an item than consumer demand warrants, the price will fall.”

In just two simple steps I’ll show you exactly why the law of supply and demand.

Increase In Demand For ADZcoin

In order for the value of an asset, product or anything else that is sold on the open market to increase, there needs to be a rise in demand.
If there are a lot of buyers and a limited amount of products available, the price will go up.

With the ADZbuzz upgrade offer there will be an ever growing amount of buyers as the ADZbuzz project grows and more people learn about our amazing system. On top of that the infrastructure of ADZ will increase the demand even more as more and more merchants use ADZ in their business.

Decrease In Supply Of ADZcoin

At the same time, there will be a decrease in supply of ADZcoins. That’s because, unlike regular currencies like Dollars, Euros or Pounds, there will only be 84 million ADZcoins ever in existence (46 million at the moment).

What the ADZbuzz upgrade offer will do, is store millions of ADZ in member’s accounts as they compound their upgrades in order to earn a full time passive income by simply withdrawing the daily profits (over 13 million stored right now and every day those number changing locking in more coins) .

This means ADZcoin is a scarce asset that will ever increase in value as more and more upgrades get compounded by ADZbuzz members.

This is the beginning and best time for you to get involved and create your pure passive full time income stream for life !


P.S. This is latest update from developer

"After explosion we will be looking to create Coinbase-like exchange inside ADZbuzz. When going mainstream we need to ensure the exchnage from ADZ to USD/EUR and vice versa is as easy as possible. When we have a user-base of over 1 million members, which will only take weeks or even days after our mass promo's start, we will start applying for the licenses needed to run our own exchange, which will solely exchnage ADZ to BTC and fiat. Our project is too big to be dependant upon third parties and we want to take full control of the most important aspect of our project. If you see what happens on a regular basis with Bitcoin exchanges then nothing is sure so this seems to be the best solution. And let's not forget the extra income stream we can add to our business and how this will affect the ADZcoin price!

Who knows, by the end of the year ADZcoin might even have more users than Bitcoin (or even faster). This is in fact very likely all things considered!"

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