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-> ADZcoin will become one of the top 3 coins in the world in less than 1 month
-> The ADZbuzzer launch will be one of the biggest crypto related launches in history
-> Everybody that reads this now can earn a full-time income by next month

Necessary Changes To Push ADZ To $5+ In Less Than A Month

While we are putting the finishing touches to the new homepage and
ADZbuzzer to get ready for the mass promo launch we want to make some
additional announcements. These are announcements that don't come falling
out of the sky and we've been working on them for a long time and
brainstorming with the entire team to find the best possible solution, and this is the outcome.

First of I want mention that the ultimate goal of the ADZbuzz project is to
create a unique business model. A business model that not only will create a
new economy and high quality platforms and products used by millions of
people around the world which will be the center of this economy, but also a
unique earning opportunity for just about anybody in the world.
That being said, we need to look at every single angle to achieve this, hence we made some changes to make the possibility 99%+ sure that everybody who owns ADZcoins right now can earn daily profits for the rest of his life!
The following changes before we launch (which change nothing about the
overall concept by the way) will ensure that:
-> ADZcoin will become one of the top 3 coins in the world in less than 1 month
-> The ADZbuzzer launch will be one of the biggest crypto related launches in history
-> Everybody that reads this now can earn a full-time income by next month
These are not mere words, this has been looked at from all angles by dozens of people and the conclusion is unanimous: This will be huge!
So here's the overview:
1. Coin Swap
Right now the algorithm of ADZcoin is POW meaning coins can be mined with
mining equipment and all miners can earn 40 coins if they find a new block.
Every year there's a halving but there have already been nearly 6 million coins
mined since ADZcoin was created. At this rate there are about 25K-50K coins
mined every day and this will only go up if the value of ADZ goes up.
In short, this will make it impossible for the value of ADZ to skyrocket any time soon. It might even take years before this happens when the block halvings
have cut the supply sufficiently.
That’s why we will use a different coin algorithm namely POS (proof of stake)
and give very little reward for staking coins. In this case only 500 ADZ. There
won’t be 1000’s of coins dumped by auto-traders anymore who don’t care
about the project, only people who care will get rewarded, which is how it
should be in our opinion.
2. The swap procedure + New rules
As you have seen nearly 20 million coins are stored in cashbacks at the
moment. With over 20 million coins still in the pre-mine wallet, this means 7
million coins are still on the open market.
As the situation is evolving in the favor of cutting supply tremendously we will
implement some new rules when we plan to do the swap. This might shock
some of you but if you wrap your mind around what we will be doing, you’ll
have no other choice than applauding the fact that you’ll be able to earn a fulltime income with very little effort.
Here’s the plan:
1. Send all your coins to your ADZbuzz web wallet
2. Use all coins you can to buy ADZbuzzers
3. Buy more coins for the leftover coins to buy a final ADZbuzzer or we will
buy the last coins you have using the current rate with BTC. So if you
have for instance 400 coins left and the lowest buzzer costs 500 ADZ you
have the choice to either buy 100 ADZ to get an extra buzzer or we will
buy the 100 ADZ from you with BTC at the current exchange rate.
4. ALL ADZcoins in existence need to be used to purchase Buzz Powers or
exchanged for BTC. People that don’t want to do that can still sell them
for pennies at the current price.
5. All Buzz Power coins will be locked in storage for 12 months! Only profits
can be cashed out for 12 months before the coins from Buzz Powers
become available. Yes that includes the pre-mined coins from ADZ V1!
6. Buzz Powers can only be received through the crowdfunding platform
that we are setting up before launch. You will be able to donate to fund
ADZcoin related projects and receive Buzz powers in return. (more about that in the third point)
This might sounds a little drastic but let’s explain the reasoning behind it and why it’s needed to do this.
>>> Extremely low supply
When the coin swap is complete and all coins are in storage for 12 months, only the daily distributed profits will be sold on the market. The daily cashback along with 500 coins that are mined (as explained before) will be sold. This means an extremely low amount of coins will be available to be bought.
>>> High demand pegged to dollars
The main product/service we will sell during the launch are sold in dollar value, namely the Buzz Powers and the lifelong traffic offer. With this notion let’s take a look at a little example.
 Today the company’s profit is 10K ADZ which is distributed evenly amongst Buzz Power owners.
 The total amount of Buzz Powers and lifelong traffic offers sold is valued at $10K.
 It’s impossible that the value of ADZ is lower than $1!
 Now let’s assume only 20% of Buzz Power owners actually sells their
Buzz Power profits. This would mean the value of ADZ can’t be lower than $5!
 Now let’s assume the speculators take notice and massively buy ADZcoins. This can easily push the value to $10+…
In other words, since there are only few coins available on the market to be
sold, the law of supply and demand will kick in and push the price up to dollar
value instead of pennies because the demand (in dollars) is higher than the supply.

What does this mean for people owning Buzz Powers?

This means that if you earn 10-1000 ADZ from your Buzz powers today, a few
weeks from now your passive income will be $10-$1000 per day, or even $50- $5000 if we are able to make a lot of sales!
All of this every single day without ever losing your seed money which are stored for the next 12 months.
The assumptions in the example are very humble. These are based on the amount of Buzz Power and lifelong traffic offer sales from the last month. And these are just from our limited community!
Did you know we will be spending $1000’s in promo’s daily for about a month and send an email to millions of publishers too?!
Just imagine what will happen when millions of people join ADZbuzz and buy Buzz Powers and Lifelong traffic offers. 
So to recap:
 All ADZ V1 coins need to be added to your ADZbuzz wallet
 You need to buy Buzz Powers with those coins or sell leftover coins for BTC
 Buzz Power coins will be stored for 12 months before they are unlocked
 Everybody can withdraw their daily profits to make a full-time income without any fees attached.
 If you don’t want to follow along just sell your ADZ V1 for pennies right now on Yobit, Livecoin or C-Cex.
Everybody has about 10 days before we switch permanently to ADZ V2!

3. Exploding the “ADZconomy” from within
As I already mentioned, there will only be 1 way to get Buzz Powers in the new system and that is by donating money on our very own crowdfunding platform which will launch before we launch the mass promo’s.
This will work exactly the same as Kickstarter, meaning you can send money to the project creator in order for him to fund what he is creating.
Initially there will only be 2 projects created by ourselves namely the lifelong
traffic offer to help fund the ADZbuzz ad server and the ADZcoi exchange to
help everybody convert ADZ to fiat and vice versa easily from within ADZbuzz.

Here’s how that will work:
Lifelong traffic offer – Ad server
 Donate $100 - $1000 to support the project
 Get a lifelong traffic spot for every $100
 Get a Buzzer 50 for every $100 as bonus reward!
This is simply an amazing offer that will allow us to raise a lot of money and
give people the opportunity to get 2 bonuses namely a spot forever in the ad
server and 50% Buzz power.
ADZcoin exchange
 Donate $10-$1000
 Get 100% Buzz power 10-1000
The ADZcoin exchange will make it super easy for everybody to buy and sell
ADZ and will be an immense addition for the project, hence it’s one of the first
project on our crowdfunding platform. Plus it allows everybody to get a Buzz
Power reward, 100% of the amount funded.

How will that work?
When we receive the funds, we will buy ADZcoin on the exchange, add them to your account and you will see the Buzz Power in your account earning you daily rewards. It’s that simple really…
It will also be possible to pay using Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin and ADZcoin,which will skyrocket the volume!
Our ultimate goal is to become a platform like which raises millions of dollars every month.
Imagine this amount gets invested in ADZcoin related projects every month!
This simply means the ADZcoin project will grow bigger than all other coins
combined since we have such an amazing reward for people that support our

Our goal has always been to build a business that will help people make a
passive income, and preferably a passive income that gives them financial
freedom for life.
We are now getting very close to the moment of truth and have analysed all
angles of our concept, and these changes have eliminated all of our doubts.

We will succeed!
With this setup and a good timing (launching this setup the moment we start
the mass promo’s) ADZcoin will rise in value like crazy. $10+ is not a dream
any more, it’s a reality.
When this happens, ADZcoin would be proudly situated beneath Bitcoin and
Ethereum at number 3 coin in the world!
The only thing we hope is that you realize that it’s impossible for everybody in
our current community to become a millionaire overnight. Millions of coins will be sold on the market and instead of gradually becoming richer and richer, the opposite will happen if we don’t take action at the right time. And the right time is right now.
So what’s the plan?
Help you make a lot of money gradually instead of little (or no) money fast!
Here are you current choices:
1. You don’t like our strategy: You can sell your coins for pennies on Yobit the next days. Rest assured, many will happily buy the coins from you.
2. You are excited and want daily money: exchange all your ADZ for Buzz Powers and earn an ever-growing passive income starting next week by cashing out your daily profits. You NEVER lose your seed coins and you’ll become richer day by day.
3. You are excited and want to live large: You totally like the strategy and want to accumulate as many ADZ as you can. You can still buy ADZ for pennies and buy Buzz Power right now! When we launch you can accumulate your profits until you are happy with your earnings ($500+ / day?) and start withdrawing WITHOUT ever losing your seed coins!
Make sure to read this report a couple of times before you decide what you will choose to do.
 Evaluate everything, that’s the only thing you need to do.

If you have anything to ask, make sure to ask in the ADZbuzz post and we’ll be happy to help you out!
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